Die US-Regierung verlost jedes Jahr 55.000 GreenCards. Geniessen Sie mit der GreenCard unbegrenztes Leben und Arbeiten in den USA. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit eine GreenCard zu gewinnen ist höher als ein 3er im Lotto. Registrieren Sie sich jetzt über uns und wir sorgen für einen vollständigen Behördenantrag und die fristgerechte Einreichung.

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Terms and Conditions

Here you will find the customer information and our terms and conditions :
§ 1 Scope of application
1.1 Between Greyfox Partners Binke & Ruge GbR (hereinafter "we" ) and the customer apply for registration and participation in the Green Card Lottery ( see § 2) is only our terms and conditions in the form applicable at the time of contract conclusion .
1.2 Contrary , complementary or deviating from our terms and conditions of the customer we do not recognize , unless we have expressly agreed to their validity in writing before. Our terms and conditions also apply if we unreservedly performance aware of conflicting or deviating from our terms and conditions of the customer .
§ 2 provisions for registration and participation in the Green Card Lottery
2.1. Conclusion of the contract
2.1.1 Our offers on the Internet, print media, telephone, etc. are not binding. The customer makes a binding offer of contract submission of the entry form for the green card lottery by mail or digitally via the website.
2.1.2 The order to participate in the Green Card Lottery is " Mandatory participate and pay " after entering the data by clicking on the button at left . During the ordering process, the customer can correct the data each time by "back" clicks on the button .
2.1.3 If the customer places an order on www.americanchance.de , we will send immediately a confirmation by e-mail. However, this acknowledgment does not constitute a binding acceptance , but is only to inform you that the order has been received by us . The contract is thus not yet concluded .
2.1.4 A contract is only concluded by confirmation by us in writing or by editing the entry form . The customer waives in accordance with § 151 S. 1 BGB on an acceptance. The order confirmation may be connected to the input confirmation.
2.1.5 The contract text is stored in accordance with applicable when participating through our website by us.
************************************************** ****************************************
2.2 none
2.3 Conditions
2.3.1. withdrawal
As a consumer, you may cancel your contract within two weeks without any indication of reasons in text form (eg e- mail , fax, letter , etc.). The period begins upon receipt of the revocation in writing, but not prior to closing and not before fulfilling our information obligations according to § 312c Section 2 BGB in conjunction . § 1 Sections 1, 2 and 4 BGB- as well as our obligations according to § 312e Section 1 Clause 1 BGB in connection with § 3 BGB Information Regulations . The revocation period is sufficient to send the revocation. The revocation must be sent to:
Greyfox Partners Binke & Ruge GbR
Freudenthal 18
D- 25746 Heide
Fax +49 ( 0) 481 7869099
E -mail : info@americanchance.de
2.3.2 . consequences of revocation
In case of an effective cancellation the mutually received benefits are to be returned and may incur additional benefits (eg interest) surrendered . Can you see the performance received whole or in part, or return them in a deteriorated condition , you must pay us compensation for the value. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days . The period begins for you when you send your contract termination, for us with their reception.
2.3.3 . Special Note for Withdrawal
The right of withdrawal expires prematurely if we started with the execution of the service with your explicit consent before the end of the revocation period or you yourself have caused this .
 ************************************************** ****************************************
2.4. Scope of Service
2.4.1. By registering on our website , we provide the customer the qualified participation in the official Green Card Lottery U.S. authority . In addition, inform and advise the customer in the event of a win during the application process and receipt of the green card. The granting of an entry visa or a green card does not lie in our area of ​​responsibility and that decision is invariably taken by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service .
2.4.2 . The information provided by the customer to us will be corrected by us - unless - evident and necessary manual and automated and forwarded in the currently prescribed form within the prescribed period to the competent U.S. immigration authorities . If the data is not completely in digital form, the data required by us according to the purpose can be modified and digitized accordingly. As soon as information on the application to participate in the Green Card Lottery , results or requests from the U.S. authority , we will submit them to the customers. The status of participation can view at any time in the login area of the customer .
2.4.3 . The scope of our service differs between the performance packages selected by customers. There the packages are "Basic" or " Plus - Win & Fly" offered . The "Basic" package contains the performance data check , correction , customer login , the qualified participation in the official Green Card Lottery U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service , alerts on the status of participation as well as further advice in the event of a win . The package " Plus - Win & Fly" includes the performance of the package " Basic" plus the cost of the necessary for the issuing of green cards flight to the U.S. (round -trip ) in case of winning . The booking of this is done by us after the issuance of an immigrant visa . The acquisition of airfare is valid for an unlimited amount in Economy Class ( economy class ) for one person ( winners of green card ) and may take place after the airline availability on any day of travel to any destination in the USA. You will receive the booking confirmation sent by email.
2.4.4 . Participation in the current Green Card Lottery is only possible if we are to be ready in time specified by us closing date all required documents with full details of the customer ready to be sent . Should then not be more timely manner to ensure participation in the current drawing , we will transmit the data for the subsequent lottery green card to the U.S. authorities.
2.4.5 . If participation in the Green Card Lottery or the submission of data to the competent U.S. authority due to force majeure or due to us not to be represented events - such as war , embargo, comprehensive failure of the (electronic) traffic routes , technological limitations , change in applicable laws or the setting of the implementation of the Green Card Lottery in the current draw year - impossible , either party may withdraw from the contract . In the event of rescission of the contract, the customer owes us a fee for services rendered up to that point and processing of unwinding of 39.00 € . It remains both parties the right to prove that in fact lower, or higher expenses are incurred.
2.5. Obligations of the Customer
2.5.1. The customer is obliged to provide us with all necessary information and materials for participation in the official Green Card Lottery ( eg photos ) on time and in the required form and quality. The current deadline for the submission of data to us will be posted on our website.
2.5.2 . The Customer undertakes to applicable state his data and to inform us immediately of any changes. He is not allowed to log on several times under different names or addresses. The accuracy of the information submitted by the client is not checked by us.
2.5.3 . The customer assigns to us all rights to use the submitted photos and assures that third party rights ( eg copyrights ) are NOT in the photos . Should any third party claim against us making claims for unauthorized use of the photos, the customer is obligated to indemnify us harmless from claims. The indemnification obligation includes the requirement for all legal defense costs (eg court costs and attorney fees ) fully indemnify .
2.5.4 . We expressly point out that the customer various other forms have to submit in good time by the U.S. authorities in the event of a win and acceptance of the prize and no later than 30 September of the following year to the winning notification must audition with the competent U.S. authority , otherwise forfeit the Green Card win. Also in this respect , the customer agrees to submit all required zuzuarbeiten us and for the application process forms and documents correctly and on time.
2.5.5 . If the Customer breaches its contractual obligations , we are entitled to withdraw from the contract and / or claim damages for non-performance kit .
2.6. prices
2.6.1. The prices are binding and are gross including the date when the contract is concluded VAT. They include the legal value added tax and all incidental costs incurred as part of our service delivery, a . The prices include the cost of participating in the green card lottery and in case of winning for further advice . " Plus - Win & Fly" In addition, the prices of the package included in the profit cover the costs for the necessary for issuing the Green Card Flight of the customers in the United States.
2.6.2 . Not included on the general profit counseling beyond Services in case of winning , such as a voluntary and not strictly necessary premium income support, as well as become necessary in third-party costs incurred by the customer in case of winning in connection with the application process, such as cost accompanying the request for the translation of documents , fees for the U.S. competent authority , cost of official and notarial authentications etc.
2.6.3 . Special offers , etc. identified in the framework of the representation of the individual service packages on our website, in print media as such.
2.6.4 . If you return the registration form by mail , we charge an additional fee of 5.00 € including VAT

2.7. payment
2.7.1. The fee for our services is due in full by editing the entry form for payment .
2.7.2 . The customer can choose between different payment methods in the order process .
2.7.3 . The customer will be in default if the fee for our service is not received within ten days of processing the registration form to us. In this case, we are entitled to claim damages for non-performance and / or to withdraw from the contract. The consumer has to pay interest on the arrears on the debt of 5% above the base rate , the contractor in the amount of 8% above the base rate. Our right to claim higher damages remains unaffected.
2.7.4 . We reserve the right to withhold performance until full payment.
2.7.5 . Should the payment on the customer's request by the debiting of a credit card made ​​by direct debit and be the order or become invalid, the customer is obliged to initiate a chargeback only if we do not comply with a request for reimbursement in writing within 2 weeks are . The customer fails to comply with this obligation , he has to bear the value calculated by the participating credit institutions for the chargeback costs.
2.8. limitation of Liability
2.8.1. We have unlimited liability in case of fraudulent concealment of defects , acceptance of a guarantee , claims under the Product Liability Act , in case of injury to life, body or health, or for intentional or grossly negligent damage.
2.8.2 . For other damages, we are only liable for breaches of essential contractual obligations and indeed limited to the foreseeable upon conclusion of contract contract damages .
2.8.3 . Further claims of the customer - regardless of the legal grounds - are excluded. In particular, we are not liable for lost profits or other financial damages of the customer .
2.8.4 . We are only liable for our own content on our website. As far as we allow access via links to other websites, we are not responsible for third party content contained there and have no influence on their design . We adopt the foreign content is not ours . This declaration applies to all links and for all contents of pages to which the links lead. If we become aware of any illegal contents on external web pages , we will block access to these sites immediately .
2.8.5 . As far as our contractual liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the liability of legal representatives and vicarious agents.
2.8.6 . Actions of the U.S. authorities are not under our control , so we do not assume any liability for their acts and omissions . This is especially true for deferred appointments with the presentation to the competent immigration authority , which may lead to the right to the issuance of the green card is not necessary.
2.9. Privacy Policy
2.9.1 . We are committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals who take advantage of our services and to treat personal data confidentially . We proceed according to the principle of data minimization and data avoidance , that is, we collect and use only as much data as for the processing of the registration process and communication , unless the customer has consented to this , are absolutely necessary . This is based on the applicable provisions such as the Federal Data Protection Act ( BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG).
2.9.2 . The data obtained from the customer data is collected primarily to participate in the green card lottery , processed and used . We do not pass on data to third parties . The only exception is the responsible for the Green Card Lottery U.S. government agency , to the extent necessary to qualified participation in the raffle. We point out that the competent U.S. authority is not bound to the high data protection standards of the European Union. Furthermore, with the exception of those employed by us to third parties in connection with the achievement of agreed performance (eg banks, IT service providers and logistics ) .
2.9.3 . Where permitted by law , we are also entitled to collect data for their own marketing purposes , process and disclose to third parties . The customer can use, processing and transfer of his data for marketing purposes at any time by notifying us or withdraw his consent . After receipt of the objection or revocation we will no longer use for marketing purposes , the affected data , process or transfer .
2.9.4 . The customer always has a right to free information about its stored data , rectification , erasure and blocking of their data . For this, the customer can contact us as follows :
Greyfox Partners Binke & Ruge GbR, Freudental 18, 25748 Heide
Fax: +49 481 7869099
2.9.5 . For more information on the nature, extent, place and purpose of the collection , processing, use and transfer of personal data can be found in our privacy statements .
2.10. customer service
For any queries or complaints, we provide our customers the following postal address :
Greyfox Partners Binke & Ruge GbR, Freudental 18, 25746 Heide
info@americanchance.de Fax: +49 481 7869099
2.11 final provisions
2.11.1 . For all legal relations between the customer and us the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
2.11.2 . For all disputes arising from the contractual relationship Heide has exclusive jurisdiction if the customer is a merchant , a legal entity under public law or a public law special fund.
2.11.3 . The contract language is german.
2.11.4 . Severability: Should individual provisions prove to be wholly or partly ineffective , the contract shall remain valid . In case of such invalidity , the parties will meet one of the invalid provision as closely as possible the content and economical legal spare control. The same applies to the extent that should a gap be ascertained in the contract.
Heide , 31 January 2014

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For many German emigrates, America is the number one country. Other fall in love with the attitude towards life on the other side. The Green Card Lottery makes it possible to everyone who fell in love with America, to achieve the dream of living, studying and working in the USA. There are only few requirements for a lottery participation, which can be fulfilled pretty easily. 55,000 Green Cards are available for each year. Around 1,700 German lottery participants and their families were able to enjoy their new Green Cards in 2014. With the professional support of American Chance, you can be among the Green Card winners.


With the full service of American Chance application errors that can lead to disqualification from participation, will be eliminated. We will assistance you with the forms and pictures and we will pay attention to the completeness of your documents. Of course, we will submit your application on time. We will provide you regularly with up-to-date and comprehensive information about the progress of your Green Card Lottery participation. We will advise you in advance and will answer all your questions throughout the application period. With our years of experience and many years of living in America, we stand beside you with advice and action. You get insider knowledge and helpful tips at first hand from American Chance.

Chance of winning

The chances of winning a green card for European applicants are at about 1:25. This rate is significantly higher than the chance of winning a big lottery. For the year 2014, 1.696 German were randomly drawn as the winner of a Green Card. Couples may also apply as individuals and this can significantly increase their chances of winning. Since 2014 same-sex couples are eligible for the lottery as well. The sooner the applications are submitted, the greater are the chances of winning a Green Card. Applications are processed by the American authorities in the order they are received during the application period.

Condition of participation

Participants in the Green Card Lottery should be at least 18 years old, the legal age limit in the USA is 21 years old. Minors automatically get a green card if the guardians successfully participate in the lottery. Candidates must have a high-school diploma, a comparable or higher qualification. This should be comparable to an American high school diploma. Alternatively, the proof of two years professional activity within the last five years is sufficient. A completed schooling is not required, only the experience in a recognized profession in America counts. We will be happy to provide you with advice on appropriate qualifications and professions.

Beachten Sie unbedingt folgende wichtige Hinweise, bevor Sie mit dem Ausfüllen des Formulars beginnen:

Bei digitalem Upload: Sie können direkt ein quadratisches Foto (mindestens 600 x 600 Pixel) hochladen, welches so von uns übernommen wird. Falls Sie Fotos anderen Formats hochladen, so bieten wir Ihnen nach dem Upload sechs verschiedene quadratische Ausschnitte dieses Bildes an, von denen Sie bitte den besten Ausschnitt auswählen. Sollte kein Ausschnitt geeignet sein, so bearbeiten Sie das Bild bitte nach oder laden Sie ein anderes Bild hoch. Bitte laden Sie keine Fotos hoch, die mit einer Webcam oder einem Fotohandy aufgenommen wurden. Die Qualität solcher Bilder ist in aller Regel nicht ausreichend! Sollte beim Hochladen der Datei eine Fehlermeldung erscheinen, so liegt das meist an der zu geringen Größe des Bildes. Laden Sie bitte ein Bild mit mindestens 20KB Dateigröße hoch! Aber nicht verzweifeln, überspringen Sie den Bildupload auch erst einmal und reichen uns das Bild später nach.

Bei Einsendung per Post: Quadratisch, mindestens 37 mm x 37 mm und höchstens 50 mm x 50 mm groß. Bitte schreiben Sie auf jedes Foto den vollständigen Namen und das Geburtsdatum der jeweiligen Person (ohne dass es auf die Fotovorderseite durchdrückt).

Achten Sie bitte in Ihrem eigenen Interesse auf eine gute Qualität der Fotos. Es ist äußerst wichtig, dass Sie uns je ein Foto pro Familienmitglied zusenden!

Keine Sorgen – wir sind für Sie da

Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen, wenn Sie meinen, etwas falsch ausgefüllt zu haben. Wir sind schließlich dafür da, Ihren Antrag genauestens zu überprüfen und melden uns im Zweifelsfall nochmals bei Ihnen.

American Chance Hotline

Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich gerne an unsere Hotline: 0481-7869080

Anforderung zur Bildung des Greencard Lotterie Teilnehmers

Sie können an der GreenCard-Lotterie teilnehmen, wenn Sie mindestens den Realschulabschluss oder höher besitzen.

Für Personen, die im Ausland zur Schule gegangen sind, gilt eine 12-jährige Schulbildung als Voraussetzung.

Für die Teilnahme an der GreenCard-Lotterie gibt es zwar prinzipiell kein Mindestalter - Effektiv sind aber Teilnehmer unter 16 Jahren nicht zugelassen, da diese logischerweise noch keinen Realschulabschluss haben.

Alternativ können Sie eine abgeschlossene Ausbildung vorweisen. Diese muss in einem Beruf geleistet worden sein, in dem Sie mindestens 2 Jahre innerhalb der letzten 5 Jahre gearbeitet haben.

Manchmal reicht es auch, in einem Beruf zu arbeiten, der normalerweise eine zweijährige Ausbildung voraussetzt, auch wenn Sie diese selbst nicht gemacht haben. Zur Bewertung der Berufserfahrung wird die Datenbank O*Net OnLine des US-Arbeitsministeriums eingesetzt. Eine Liste dieser Berufe in englischer Sprache finden Sie auf:


Lassen Sie sich durch die englischen Beschreibungen nicht verwirren. Im Zweifel beraten wir Sie jederzeit oder bereiten die Gewinnunterlagen im Gewinnfall zusammen mit Ihnen so auf, dass die US Behörden Ihre Schul- bzw. Ausbildung in den meisten Fällen akzeptieren.

Ohne Realschulabschluss oder Tätigkeit in einem Ausbildungsberuf allerdings ist die Bedingung der ausreichenden Bildung meist nicht zu erfüllen!

Alle Personen, die die oben genannten Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllen, können daher leider nicht an der Verlosung teilnehmen. Die Voraussetzungen bezüglich Schulbildung oder Arbeitsausbildung müssen erst im Sommer 2012 nachgewiesen werden.

Was ist die Green Card Lotterie?
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Kompositorische Anforderungen:

Das eingereichte digitale Bild muss den folgenden kompositorischen Anforderungen entsprechen, andernfalls wird der Antrag abgelehnt:

Kopfhaltung Hintergrund Bildschärfe Modisches Zubehör Kopfbedeckungen und Hüte Die Fotos müssen eine Farbtiefe von 24 Bit haben.

Technische Anforderungen

Aufnahme eines neuen digitalen Fotos. Wenn ein neues digitales Foto aufgenommen wird, muss es folgende Anforderungen erfüllen:

Scannen eines eingereichten Fotos: Bevor ein Fotoabzug gescannt wird, muss er den unten aufgeführten kompositorischen Anforderungen entsprechen. Wenn der Abzug den Anforderungen an Druckfarbe und Komposition entspricht, kann er folgendermaßen eingescannt werden:

Quelle: US-Einwanderungsbehörde